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"I was struck by her tranquil energy."

"Joye was so insightful, patient, and understanding during our consultation. What a calm, serene spirit! I was struck by her tranquil energy and appreciated our talk. I can tell that she is a perceptive, intuitively gifted being."- Riwati F., Los Angeles, CA.

Sea turtles have exceptional night vision due to vast numbers of cells in their retinas.
This allows them to see in color from ultraviolet to red.

What we do.

Man drumming

Like turtles whose vision enables them to see in dark waters for survival, Turtle Vision Healing Arts works with similar principles in mind.

For over 30 years, we've helped thousands of people, move past their trauma. Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of healing and can be found on every continent throughout history.

Turtle Vision Healing Arts

What's standing in the way of you achieving your goals or feeling better about your life?

We help you navigate the obstacles from your past, that prevent you from living your true authentic self by transforming and healing traumatic events.We use a combination of ancient healing and highly effective shamanic techniques, so you can rest assured that the effects are deep and long-lasting.

Restore your wounded heart.

Turtle Vision Healing Arts

The heart is the life force of being human. From a shamanic perspective, your heart is where you regulate emotions, interactions with others and the world around you. When there is trauma or you witness the suffering of others, healing might be necessary if the effects show up in your life.By mending the self-imposed stories from your ancestral past, growth accelerates. This happens by understanding your personal power and the choices you make. This is how the heart heals.

Its common to feel the difference after a single session

Turtle Vision Healing Arts

1. Phone

Pick a date for your phone session, and quickly uncover the issue to determine if shamanism is a fit.

Turtle Vision Healing Arts

2. Procedure

Together, we decide on the best procedures for your problem, then pick a day & time online.

Turtle Vision Healing Arts

3. Session

In 90 minutes, your session is finished. You're given beneficial tools to keep your session going.

Turtle Vision Healing Arts

"I got a lot done and felt motivated and powerful!"

"Last Saturday, I went to run errands with my power animal and I got a lot done and felt motivated and powerful! So I'm still working with him and thanks so much again for your help. Thank you,"Rod W.- Ojai, CA.

Services we offer.

Here are some of our services:

Lost Power Restoration
Power Animal Retrieval
Site-specific Soul Retrieval
Ancestral Clearing
Fire Extraction
Shamanic Releasing Technique

Even though shamanism is an ancient form of healing, it's not a quick fix or faith healing. It's a process and your participation is necessary to ensure its effectiveness.This is where people can get confused. Many think that going to a shaman will immediately heal them, yet don't realize that most of the healing happens on the back-end; after the initial session.Core shamanism and indigenous Ojibwa & Chippewa medicine techniques are the methods we use. They're intended to eliminate the trauma from your nervous system and heal memories associated with them, without making you feel helpless or lost.

Meet Joye.

Turtle Vision Healing Arts

Hey everybody! My name is Joye Peters.

My story is a simple one. Like most of you, I've had challenges and issues throughout my life. This prevented me from reaching the full potential I knew I had.After learning about shamanism at an early age, I transformed those challenges into practical wisdom, by learning and understanding the source of where my core issues came from. Then I was able to begin my healing journey and overcome the trauma associated with them.

Turtle Vision Healing Arts

My first teachers were Richard Dobson (C.HT, R.HT) and Natasha Frazier (C.HT, R.HT), who taught me indigenous American Ojibwa medicine techniques. Next, I studied with Gheezis Mokwa, known as Sun Bear of the Chippewa/Metis tribe. Finally, I was trained by Dr. Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman at the Foundation of Shamanic Studies.I am a consecrated pipe carrier and have worked with the US Veterans Affairs Department for Vets with PTSD. Also, I have cleared park lands from gang violence for the Park Rangers of California in Los Angeles County. I have given talks and presentations on shamanism. One of my specializations is working with families and children.

Book your free 30-minute discovery call.

Turtle Vision Healing Arts

The 30-minute discovery session determines if shamanism is the best approach for your issue. Click the button below and choose your appointment date. You will receive a 24-hour reminder before your discovery session.

"I never dreamt in color before until after my session with you."

"3 nights after I worked with you Joye, I had a vivid and colorful dream. I never dreamt in color before until after our session, because all my dreams were in black and white! Thank you."Sascha L. - Warsaw, Poland

Turtle Vision Healing Arts

Turtle Vision Healing Arts is based on these principles:Confidentiality and non-judgement is my approach in every situation.
Spirit, heart, and intellect align to bring healing to your story.
You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Turtle Vision Healing Arts

"If I could double recommend her, I would."

"If I could double-recommend Joye, I would. She is so spot-on powerful; I reconciled some impossible situations with the shift she facilitated in the working dream journey. Amazing and life changing. I do not exaggerate."Kerry M. - Los Angeles, CA


The resources in this section include videos that are fundamental to understanding shamanism. No matter how much you know about it or how it works, these tools will help you get a better picture about this ancient technique.Dr. Michael Harner the founder of contemporary shamanism explains shamanic healing. He does this from a cross cultural perspective, in this brief video from a 1998 keynote address.Sandra Ingerman talks about illness from the shamanic perspective.Pachakutec - Time of Change, is an award-winning documentary about an Incan Shaman who traverses the world to help move human understanding forward through Mother Earth.

Drumming Tracks

Here you'll find 3 drumming tracks for shamanic journeying. Please use headphones for best results. WARNING: adjust and test your volume before listening.



What is a shamanic practitioner?

A person who practices shamanism as spiritual medicine. Shamanism is considered the oldest form of healing practiced on every continent throughout millennia.

What do you do?

I work alongside my helping allies in the form of animals and human teachers. I go to them in a journey. They do all the work.


Are you making up what you see or is it your imagination?

Neither. Its hard to describe. The best way I can explain it is to say that I'm shown things and given information about a problem or issue and the best technique to solve it.

Why would a person go to a shaman help a person if they're already on medication or are being treated for an illness?

A Shaman specifically works on the problem or disease on the astral body. The healing is worked through multiple layers spiritually, and does not interfere with any medication that you might be taking.


How does it work, how do you do it, what does it look like?

I drum for myself either sitting or standing. I journey in a relaxed state with my eyes covered. This is where I meet my allies who then work on your behalf.

Is it expensive and would my insurance cover it?

The cost is substantially less expensive than most medical procedures or therapies. Check with your insurance provider to see if they cover what's called CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). It varies from State to State and country to country.

Is shamanism part of a religious belief or does a person have to join a group to go to one?

In the past shamans have affiliated themselves with religious groups depending on how they were trained. I keep my own belief systems out of my practice to prevent confusion or judgement. You do not have to be religious to have a session. And if you are religious, it will not interfere and will actually enhance the healing process.

I am currently not taking new clients for one-on-one healing sessions. I am only taking new clients for Shamanic Coaching. If you're interested in learning more please visit shamanicoaching.net

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